Choosing a Bathroom Layout for a Renovation

Deciding on a proper layout for the bathroom involves not just the texture and color, but also the intricacies of which piece of bathroom furniture goes where. The quintessential bathroom may primarily require nothing apart from utility, but some fine art and decoration would certainly not go amiss. In fact, it adds much needed aesthetics to the entire surrounding, one of the hallmarks of luxury.

The most important thing to consider in this context would be the impression you want the bathroom to give the instant you walk in. Given the only times one is likely to be in here is early morning or late nights i.e. in other words, times of extreme tiredness, the décor should spell ‘Relaxation’. A cool dark theme will do the trick, but it is extremely important to note that the texture should again go in tandem with the master bedroom that the bathroom is a part of. Stepping from the bedroom into the bathroom in a half-asleep state should not be a cruel shock but rather, a smooth transition in continuity.

bathroom layout blueprint

With independent bathrooms such as those in a hallway passage, however, there is a ‘go nuts’ license when it comes to the theme. In both cases though, it’s obvious that furniture and their relative positioning is the trump card. For starters, the main wall mirror attached to wash basins and associated cupboards for cosmetics, should be the first thing you lay eyes on as you enter the bathroom. In a similar vein, the actual lavatory should be at the far corner, well away from the bath or tub, if you’re planning to put one in.
Ventilation is equally important as positioning, and the vent and exhaust go directly above and behind the lavatory. While this can be filed under necessary, windows and curtains (filed under luxury) could transmit added gloss to the whole room. This obviously becomes rather imperative if you’re incorporating a luxury bathtub. A sunken bath, with a small fireplace behind to keep the setting warm, overlooking windows that offer a beautiful view, is becoming quite the rage in upper class households now as a great way to relax and beat off stress. Additional facets of class could come in the form of decorative murals on the walls, artistic wall hangings or assorted chinoiserie.

The shower is probably one of the most important pieces of any bathroom fabric. A separate shower chamber within the bigger bathroom is not something you see in many bathroom designs, but it’s highly recommended. This not only makes sense from a floor-draining point of view, but simply looks so much better from an aesthetic point of view as well. A compact bathroom simply makes much better sense.

Apart from these individual entities, there is a broader level to be addressed. Space is an important issue. Most bathrooms are tucked away in a corner of the master bedroom, and as such, end up with agonizingly small space. But a larger, well lit bathroom is definitely the way to go. Further, the shower, tub, closets etc combined should not take up more than 40 percent of the floor space, with plenty of well-tiled floor to walk and move about. A cramped bathroom is no fun, and renders the rest of the carefully decorated room completely and utterly irrelevant.

In summary, a well decorated bathroom, with plenty of space and light, ensures this is not the only room in the only room in the house neglected in terms of luxury and grandeur. For more great ideas, check out this amazing bathroom makeover.


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