Designing Your Bathroom Space

Bathroom Design

Everyone dreams to have a luxury and customized designed bathroom. However, it may be practically difficult to covert dream into reality when time comes due to various technical aspects of bathroom designing. We have covered some of the important aspects of bathroom design, which will help you to design your bathroom in a more effective and efficient way.

Setting your budget:

Of course one of the most important aspects is to set your priorities and your budget. You can’t expect to make detailed plans and hire a contractor without understanding your budget constraints. You can start by understanding your needs, such as the number of people who will use the bathroom and the time duration you plan to stay in the same house or before you plan a remodel. Also look for discount deals, economies of scale and various payment options (advance VS 90 days credit). Try to keep the process simple and always create a provision of 5% of the total budgeted cost.

Do you need a professional?

Money will be one factor and you would want to hire professional for most part of the work only if you can afford it. At the same time, however, you may also want to critically analyze your own skills before making any final decision. Of course you would require construction workers to fulfill the task but here we are talking about other professionals, such as bathroom designers. You can design your bathroom yourself if you believe to have the essential skills. Help from internet and designing magazines can be handy in such situation.

Hiring a contractor:

You will always need to hire a professional contractor for at least some part of the work, such as construction. However, it is necessary to carefully choose only those contractors who have good track record. At the same time, never forget to sign an explicit contract. The contract should clearly include items such as the nature and scope of work to be completed, the time duration and payment terms. If the same contractor is also your supplier, you may also need to include warranty terms in the contract.

Bathroom Sketch of Layout

During construction:

Now your construction or remodeling has been started and you must feel good about it. However, the scenario is usually opposite in real life. This is because of the fact that you will need to face certain limitations during the construction phase. Firstly, it is quite possible that you won’t be able to use that bathroom during this time period. Secondly, you will have to host various labors and workers which can be a headache in itself. It is therefore necessary to agree upon a set of rules before the start of the work. You may want to limit the sound of music played by workers or restrict their activities in a specific area of the house. At the same time also set terms related to schedule and timetable of the work. You may also need to make arrangements for toilet and bathing area during the course of construction phase.

Some other tips:

It is always desirable to go with the trend and have fancy and luxury items. But at the same time you also need to understand your personal requirements, preferences and financial constraints. Always consider a wider range of options and alternatives for every step. For example, you can choose countertop material from a vast range of natural stone, laminate, solid surfacing, glass and quartz surfacing. Similarly, various different options are available for flooring, walls, sinks, showers and faucets. Always choose according to your preference (colors or material), the type of users (kids VS adults), durability required (short term VS long term) and budget.

Another important aspect, which is often neglected, is that of bathroom safety. People often go for highly fancy but slippery flooring or other material which can cause physical damage, especially for kids and older people. Always try to have slip-resistance material, especially for flooring. Similarly, consider other bathroom safety tips such as proper lighting, arrangements to adequately dry bathroom floor, adding grab bars and installing temperature controlled valves.

Still need more ideas? Check out some design photos from contractors in the Fairfax/North Virginia area here.

Choosing a Bathroom Layout for a Renovation

Deciding on a proper layout for the bathroom involves not just the texture and color, but also the intricacies of which piece of bathroom furniture goes where. The quintessential bathroom may primarily require nothing apart from utility, but some fine art and decoration would certainly not go amiss. In fact, it adds much needed aesthetics to the entire surrounding, one of the hallmarks of luxury.

The most important thing to consider in this context would be the impression you want the bathroom to give the instant you walk in. Given the only times one is likely to be in here is early morning or late nights i.e. in other words, times of extreme tiredness, the décor should spell ‘Relaxation’. A cool dark theme will do the trick, but it is extremely important to note that the texture should again go in tandem with the master bedroom that the bathroom is a part of. Stepping from the bedroom into the bathroom in a half-asleep state should not be a cruel shock but rather, a smooth transition in continuity.

bathroom layout blueprint

With independent bathrooms such as those in a hallway passage, however, there is a ‘go nuts’ license when it comes to the theme. In both cases though, it’s obvious that furniture and their relative positioning is the trump card. For starters, the main wall mirror attached to wash basins and associated cupboards for cosmetics, should be the first thing you lay eyes on as you enter the bathroom. In a similar vein, the actual lavatory should be at the far corner, well away from the bath or tub, if you’re planning to put one in.
Ventilation is equally important as positioning, and the vent and exhaust go directly above and behind the lavatory. While this can be filed under necessary, windows and curtains (filed under luxury) could transmit added gloss to the whole room. This obviously becomes rather imperative if you’re incorporating a luxury bathtub. A sunken bath, with a small fireplace behind to keep the setting warm, overlooking windows that offer a beautiful view, is becoming quite the rage in upper class households now as a great way to relax and beat off stress. Additional facets of class could come in the form of decorative murals on the walls, artistic wall hangings or assorted chinoiserie.

The shower is probably one of the most important pieces of any bathroom fabric. A separate shower chamber within the bigger bathroom is not something you see in many bathroom designs, but it’s highly recommended. This not only makes sense from a floor-draining point of view, but simply looks so much better from an aesthetic point of view as well. A compact bathroom simply makes much better sense.

Apart from these individual entities, there is a broader level to be addressed. Space is an important issue. Most bathrooms are tucked away in a corner of the master bedroom, and as such, end up with agonizingly small space. But a larger, well lit bathroom is definitely the way to go. Further, the shower, tub, closets etc combined should not take up more than 40 percent of the floor space, with plenty of well-tiled floor to walk and move about. A cramped bathroom is no fun, and renders the rest of the carefully decorated room completely and utterly irrelevant.

In summary, a well decorated bathroom, with plenty of space and light, ensures this is not the only room in the only room in the house neglected in terms of luxury and grandeur. For more great ideas, check out this amazing bathroom makeover.