How to Choose Bathroom Countertops, Flooring, and Walls

Choosing counters, flooring, and walls

Choosing perfect materials for your bathroom would be a challenge. You have to select the best quality materials, should be quite attractive, and with a good price value. You would have to consider the pros and cons of each material you would choose and of course if it would meet your desired taste for design. Here are some choices you might want to consider on choosing bathroom countertops, flooring, and walls.



This is a very hard type of rock which is light-colored, granular and phaneritic in texture. It has been one of the choices because of its beauty and ceaseless selection of patterns and colors. Because of its patterns, you would surely find one that would fit your disposition. Maintaining it would be minimal because of its hard and scratch resistant feature. It is impermeable to humidity or damage from a hot material. When you talk about quality, it simply lasts longer. The only thing is, this is the most expensive choices for countertops and you would really need to hire a professional so it will be handled properly.


Another tough and abundant in minerals would be Quartz. It is harder than granite, certainly resistant to moisture, bacteria and stains, and a variety of installation options can be chosen. It is also costly and might show fingertips and smudges if not properly installed which would require you to wipe frequently or when necessary.


This is made from clay that was hardened y heat permanently and shows a decorative glaze. Tiles are resistant to heat, scratches, moisture, and stains. It is also inexpensive and can be easily replaced if damaged. You can even customize it depending on your choice of installation and pattern, but it can be difficult to clean and can also crack or chip. 

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This synthetic organic substance or plastic consists of polyvinyl chloride and has been the most popular choice for bathroom flooring. It can be installed easily and you can choose among the many different styles available. The thing is, vinyl tiles tend to come up which can be resolved by using a sheet vinyl though it is more difficult to install. Despite its downside, it is still popular because it’s cheap and its style and texturing is fancy.


This is a good choice for bathroom flooring, but you have to allot more budget to it. You will not worry about moisture problems. You might reconsider since it is cold and is slippery. If you would really insist in choosing stone then you would need to have it textured by sandblasting or opting for slate which is a naturally textured stone. 

Engineered Wood

This might not be amongst the top choices, but it is better due to its dimensional stability. This would also be a good option because its plywood base would hold up against moisture. It looks fantastic since the top layer is real wood if you would prefer a wood-looking bathroom. 


Tile board

This looks like a ceramic tile and comes in comes in x 4 ft. x 8 ft. that would enable you to install it in no time. They look surreal and has a coated surface that resists moisture. It is affordable but as time goes by, if you get used to it, you might clearly see that it’s not that close to ceramic. 

Paint swatches


You would be inspired if you choose paint since you have different options and you can choose whichever color you want. It would be easy and can be done in no time, but you got to be careful with getting a flat or matte surface paint. Having a glossy paint is not necessary, you just have to go with eggshell and satin work for holding back small measures of moisture. It would be better to prime the walls first by using a mildew-inhibiting primer. 

Bead board

This only provides partial covering on the wall, but can be painted with semi-gloss paint that would protect the lower parts of the wall from being damaged by moisture. You can easily work this out since you can buy panels that are 8 ft. long and 4 ft. wide. This would also give you that traditional look you desire.