How to Find a Contractor in Northern Virginia

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It’s often said that bathrooms are the most neglected part of any house renovation, and even designing, plans. Even if you were one of those people who did like a luxurious feel to the room, you may end up reading a ton of articles online and still get the layout wrong, purely because there is no absolute right way to structure and furnish a bathroom. Even some of the most prominent and general tips on modeling a bathroom might not particularly work for yours, due to its relative position within the house and a general jarring of themes between the two spaces.

So what’s the solution? Well you certainly need to gather as much information off the internet, since there is a lot of great information out there, such as this one. However, you also do need a personal expert who will hang around during the remodeling and guide you in the little things that make or break such as ‘Do those curtains go with the rest of the room? Does the mirror look out of place over there?’ etc.

So while we can’t match the hands on feel a bathroom contractor can provide, we can certainly provide critical insight on how to go about finding and hiring this contractor. The first thing to look at is, obviously, financial constraints. You’re going to want to limit your choices to the personnel within the financial bracket. Speaking beyond this only criterion, it is worth shelling out some extra money to get a private expert rather than from some sort of home improvement and remodeling agency. This is because agencies have their own agenda, and try to drive home some generic ideas or a certain taste they’re instructed to provide. Individual consultants are more likely in this regard to offer relative tips that will suit your bathroom in particular.

You would also be looking at someone with a pleasant personality. Renovations usually take a few weeks, and the expert you hire should be someone you get along well with. However great a contractor might be at his job, it just doesn’t make sense to hire someone who has a dour demeanor or snaps at your every doubt. This is probably where the agency scores over individual contractors, as a reputed agency will insist on its employees behaving in a courteous manner on home visits at all times, whereas a private expert is not bound by such hierarchy. But at the end of the day, it is not tough to imagine that the majority of the latter are well mannered people by default, so that is not much of a problem.

Of course, talking to people who have gone through the same service always helps. People are always willing to share information on how great or bad they found a particular service, and obtaining lists of previous customers is pretty easy. You could also talk to your neighbours and friends who redesigned their bathrooms recently, and get their feedback on what they thought about their respective contractors. Another good way to evaluate the contractor’s merits is asking for a list of his/her references and calling some of them for information on the success quotient of the previous projects done by the contractor.

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Equally important is finding out the professional status of the contractor. This obviously involves making sure their working license is legitimate and updated. Checking their insurance status to make sure they have adequate insurance claims, such as employee compensation, is also a good idea. Further, the BBB is a great place to start your research. It provides information on every kind of business to the consumers, as well as tons of unbiased reviews on the quality of service provided by each contractor.

These measures, as well some proper research on the internet of course, can help you find the right contractor for your bathroom. It’s important to remember that the bathroom, being the smallest room in the house, also tends to be the one where any mistakes in the layout tend to be sharply visible and stick out like a sore thumb, making it all the more essential that you get the right person for the job.

Here’s a great list to start you research in finding a contractor.

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